About us

Dance and music are BEAUTY, which is meant for everyone. We exist, so this beauty could turn into joy and the joy could turn into dance again … into dance that makes the Moon smile.

Entertainment club KUU (in translation The Moon) was founded in 2009, when a new mixed folk dance group for adults began its work at the parish of Paikuse. In February 2010 the active dance hobbyist, ready to develop folk culture and social life in local community, established a Non-profit association Entertainment club KUU.

In spring 2010 a youth and children’s folk dance groups were formed from the students of Paikuse Primary School. Since November 2010 practices in Sindi ensemble KUU women’s dance group.

KUU dance portfolio is formed by folkloric and stylized folk dances and also authorial dances for folksy and modern dance art.

The art director responsibility is held by Ege Kukk and Malle Ormilaan.

Dancers of „Kuu“ are bond by a warm, calm, easy, pure, supportive, joyful and free will to move in unison, throughout this powerful and primal expression of dance. Everyone in the ensemble of „Kuu“, even a beginner, has a supporting ground to learn how to express their thoughts and emotions by using their body and movement. Dance, as a emotive communication and a way of self-expression, has carried our dancers spark and joy of life to the local stages and also to the stages far away from home.

We represent the parish of Paikuse and the town of Sindi in festivals and dance celebrations.

KUU (The Moon) dances the moments forever. Our moonbeams have fun and dance at anniversaries in winter cozy nights, in spring golden sun, in summer agrostis and in fall nostalgic.

Celebrate life by dancing!

Yours truly Kuu